About the Choir

The Choir is made up of members of varying ages, they come from all walks of life. Most people come from the local area but some members do travel quite a distance to be part of the choir. At the moment the choir is about 30 strong but we are hoping to soon return to our usual strength of 40 – 50 members. Our group is very sociable and all have a good natter when we break for tea in the middle of rehearsal. Some members sing with other choirs and are very proficient whilst others sing with us just for the enjoyment of doing so. We do not expect everybody to have a superb voice just an enthusiasm of music and singing. NO AUDITION IS REQUIRED.

After many years as conductor and director we said goodbye to Stephen Boyd in Summer 2016. Stephen spent many years with the choir but, due to family commitments and an increase in travelling time, he decided that it was impractical to continue. He is remembered with great affection by everyone.

However the Choir has been very fortunate to engage the services of Laura Pointer as our new conductor and musical director. Laura graduated in music from Lancaster University and sang with the choir for some time before taking charge.